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Leonidas Sportgala 2023 - Highlightsendung ORF Sport Plus

Leonidas Sportgala 2023 - Highlightsendung ORF Sport Plus

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Live production

Large events from sport and culture - broadcast live, recorded or transferred to large screens for on-site viewers. As the official video partner of Salzburg Congress, we also ensure the best pictures in-house at congresses and conferences or as a live broadcast all over the world. With our in-house live processing technology, we can realize productions with up to 16 cameras. For worldwide distribution via the Internet, we have the latest livestream technology and bandwidth for high-load events with thousands of simultaneous viewers.

Large companies are increasingly offering their customers their own TV channels in order to be able to convey their own content even better. We realize such channels online and also via POS and in-house screens. We not only take care of the content, but also supply the complete technical setup.